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Dr. Mary Joyce Bethel & Deacon Michael Bethel

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Growing up, Michael Bethel always knew “There is a better way.”   Today, Michael is the Co-Pastor of the newly established Bethel Breath of Life Ministries, which encompasses a Bible College, a cosmetology school, and a ministry. A native of Miami, Florida, Michael started his career in April 1978 in the United States Army Reserves as a combat engineer. His callings have led him through a 38-year military career, and now he has accepted the call to lead a multi-faceted ministry that he co-founded with his wife, Mary Joyce. The ministry’s sole purpose is to offer those who seek more “the key to a better life,” based on the scriptures.

​Flowing out of a heart of compassion and servanthood, he is known as a man of God who spends countless hours ministering to others.  He sows into the lives of many, not only through the Word of God, but also through his financial giving. Michael provides sound advice and encouragement to men, women and youth to seek a better way of life by changing their lifestyle now.  He is known for offering tips to married couples, most often, “to stay together and seek God,” but he wholeheartedly flows in his most offered advice, saying, “Just do the right thing.” A man of integrity, Michael is all about empowering others to prepare for their future by changing their present.

Even though he became a believer many years ago, in 2013, Michael sold out to the Lord, committing his existence to seeing the progression and success of others through the power of godly living.  Thus, he has a burning desire to help others realize their destiny, spiritually and naturally, by providing men, women and youth with the tools they need to improve their skills, knowledge and abilities.

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